COVID-19 Support Registry

This website is a lab-only registry for accredited Laboratories to share their SARS-CoV-2 testing status and collaborate with one another.
The world needs our help. Please consider participating.
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What is the criteria for laboratories to qualify?

This resource is available to all laboratories currently involved in COVID-19 testing that have a need to coordinate with other laboratories. Laboratories who register will be vetted to ensure their legitimacy and to validate (to the best of our abilities) the information they provide through the registry.

Is the registry for testing laboratories only, or reference labs?

Both traditional testing laboratories and reference labs can benefit from coordinating resources for a COVID-19 response. Some laboratories currently have testing capacity, but lack testing kits, while others have testing kits and lack the capacity or qualifications to do so. This is especially the case as government officials work around the clock to roll-back certain bureaucratic "red tape" restrictions in order to allow more laboratories to assist. We encourage your laboratory to register and continue to follow CDC guidelines relevant to COVID-19 testing.

How did this registry come about?

Gistia Healthcare is an Enterprise Technology Partner for Laboratories and Hospitals, headquartered in Miami, Florida. We assist healthcare providers by designing, building and operating high-throughput informatics platforms. It was brought to our attention that the lack of a national registry database to coordinate COVID-19 testing was a current critical need in the healthcare community and one which we could fulfill. We seek to spread the word to all laboratories that can benefit from this free resource.